EdScrib Limited is dedicated to the protection of your personal information you have consented to give on this website. We strive to ensure you are safe and your data is secure. Uniform procedures for the collection, use, disclosure, storage, preservation, removal, access, transfer or otherwise processing of such personal information allow EdScrib to store, reveal and/or transfer personal information where it is reasonable and only under certain circumstances. The following privacy policy describes our use of any personal data we receive from you.

This Privacy Policy communicates exactly how we use your collected personal information through this website and for what purposes. This policy will be revised and updated subject to any changes in the collection of information, the activities carried out or any regulations applicable to our services. You are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy regularly to ensure that you understand and are aware of how any personal information you provide us with will be used.

Please note that the privacy policies set out in this Privacy Policy are valid for this website exclusively. If external links are accessible or redirect you to other websites, please also check such privacy policies which may be different from those of EdScrib.

This policy applies to all EdScrib staff, operating units, and all subsidiaries worldwide.


The aim of this policy is to highlight EdScrib’s responsibilities, best practices to ensure your data is always safe, and clearly state the processes that promote compliance with EdScrib’s established data privacy regulations.

The Information We Collect From You

Upon visiting our website, we only gather, store, and preserve information about you that you have chosen to provide to us. We do this with the primary aim to be able to communicate with you after your visit.

We monitor and collect information when you visit our website such as the types of pages of our website you have already visited, the order in which they were visited, when they were visited, and which hyperlinks you accessed. We also collect information from the URLs you linked to our website from. These data collection processes can include recording of the used IP address, operating system, and browser used. By knowing your IP address, we might be able to establish details such as the Internet Service Provider of a user and his/her geographic location.

How we use your data

The information we collect will be used in the following ways:

  • To provide information about the programme: We will use your personal data to address your questions, identify the education content and curriculum needs, patterns of solutions used in the past and prepare resources that are best suited to your needs.
  • To communicate about the progress of your project. Your personal data makes it possible for us to keep you up-to-date regarding the most recent changes, timelines, connect with you about your content solution needs, follow-ups and feedback.
  • To customise and tailor the content and improve the overall service quality: we can use your personal information to help update our content to better address your needs and requirements. Geographic information can be used to measure the response time for the website and to provide a better user experience.
  • To work in collaboration with third-parties and trusted partners: We also share crucial personal information with third parties that help us to deliver outstanding service. When EdScrib shares personal information with third-party service providers, we request that they only use your personal information and other information for the purpose of delivering services to us and subject to terms consistent with this policy. We do not sell or otherwise share your details with any other organisation other than for the purpose of providing the best quality service.
  • To be able to contact you: Your details may be used to contact you in response to your request after you have shown your interest or to provide you with details that we believe you might be interested in obtaining. If you tell us that you don’t want us to provide any information that you didn’t request beforehand, we will respect that.

Information Distribution

EdScrib will never share, sell, rent or exchange personal information collected through our website for any reason other than that set out in this Privacy Policy with third parties. In order to provide you with educational content development services, EdScrib is allowed to share information with trusted third parties and partners contracted to provide services on our behalf. Such third-party service providers can use the information we provide them with exclusively as requested by EdScrib.

EdScrib may choose to disclose your personal details only if we believe it to be essential and appropriate:

  • Under applicable law, including laws outside of your country of residence.
  • Only as long as it complies with the legal processes.
  • To respond to requests from public and government authorities.
  • Including public and government authorities outside your country of residence, for national security, and/or law enforcement purposes.
  • To enforce our Terms and Conditions.
  • To allow us to pursue available remedies or limit the damages that we may sustain.

Additionally, in the event of a reorganisation, restructuration, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets, or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings), we may choose to transfer the personal information we store in our database to the relevant third party.

We may also share information with governmental agencies or other professional bodies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation.

We may do so when:

  • Permitted or required by law, or
  • Trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud or unauthorised transactions, or
  • Investigating fraud that has already taken place. The information will not be then provided to these companies for marketing purposes.

If EdScrib undergoes a business transformation or any significant change in the company structure, such as a merger, another company’s takeover, or a sale of all or a portion of its properties, your personal information collected via our website(s) may be among the properties transferred. Upon any such major change of ownership or control of your personal data, a prominent notice will appear on our website(s) for 30 days.

Information Accuracy

EdScrib will only collect necessary, accurate, and required personal information and will process such information reasonably and lawfully for the purpose for which it was initially collected. The object of the collection shall be defined no later than at the time of the collection of the data, or at the time of the change of the reason for collecting your details.

From time to time, the information held by EdScrib on this website will be reviewed, however, we highly encourage you to ensure that all of your personal details are kept updated. If your personal circumstances suddenly change, you are asked to immediately inform us about this. Please consult the “Privacy Contact Information” section for more details.

Data Transfer Regulations

While carrying out operations, working on EdScrib projects, or introducing new processes or procedures, or participating in any activity of this kind, the transfer of personal information to other organisations or third parties outside the country of operations of EdScrib might be necessary. Although permissible methods for the transfer of data are specified by applicable law or regulations, examples include:

  • a data transfer agreement with the party who will be granted access to the personal information,
  • notice to and/or approval from a country’s local data protection authority,
  • notice to and/or consent from the individual whose data is to be transferred.

Consent and Control of Your Data

We also define consent as the ability of an individual to “opt-in” or “opt-out” from the particular way of using personal information by EdScrib, and this is generally obtained by a “checkbox” or signature that ensures that the individual acknowledges and does not object to the processing of their personal information in a reasonable and lawful way. At times, the information-processing operation can require a form of written consent from the individual.

EdScrib obtains prior permission from individuals to:

  • Collect, use, or process their personal data, including sensitive personal information, or sharing their personal information with any third party.
  • Transferring the individuals’ personal information outside of their country of residence.
  • Using or placing web cookies on an individual’s electronic devices.

We also give you the right to monitor how your personal data is being used, which includes the right to view, alter, delete, limit, or object to certain uses of your data.

You may choose to request checking, fixing, updating, removing, or otherwise altering any of the personal information you have previously given to us. Please email us your requests and see the “Contact Information Privacy” section on this site.

Please indicate in your request what personal information exactly what you would like to have updated, if you would like your personal information provided to us to be removed from our database, or else what restrictions you would like to impose on our use of the personal information provided to us. EdScrib can then perform a verification check of the owner to confirm their identity for safety reasons.

Although most access-related questions and issues can be addressed quickly, complicated requests can take longer and more effort. In these situations, issues will be resolved, or you will be notified within 30 days about the progress and the advised next steps.

Data Storage

Your personal information is stored in our internal database or third-party cloud providers with industry-winning security certifications and practices.

All of your personal information is kept safe. Access to this sensitive information is open only to approved staff members, business partners, customers, suppliers, and other third-party providers (who have agreed to keep details safe and confidential).

How We Use Cookies

We employ different technologies on our website to capture and store information, and this may involve the use of cookies or similar technologies to identify your browser or computer.

The information collected with the visited cookies or URLs can be used to configure or improve our services as well as for analytics purposes. You can customise your browser to reject cookies. Some sections of our websites can not work properly or at all if you disable the cookies functionality.

Retention and Disposal of Your Details

For the purposes for which the sensitive data is stored, we choose to keep it in our database no longer than it is required. The period of time during which we maintain your personal information depends on the purposes for which we use it, and/or on the need to comply with relevant laws and to define, exercise or protect our rights.

Supplier Obligations

In the event that EdScrib engages a cloud service provider for its website, it will ensure that all data complies with the following:

  • Security of all personal information stored
  • Appropriate retention and disposal of personal information
  • Appropriate storage of personal information

Your Consent

In order to provide your consent, please navigate to the end of this policy. Your consent for us to collect and process your personal data can be revoked by notifying us by email. In order to do that, please consult the “Privacy Contact Information” section. For users below the age of 16, the child’s parental responsibility holder will give consent on their behalf.

Please notice that we would not be able to provide the services as outlined on our website if you chose not to give us the consent or to withdraw the consent at any stage.

Privacy Contact Information

In case you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or if you need to update, change, or remove the information we currently store in our records, you can do so by contacting us directly at