Together We Refresh, Renew, and Develop Your Curriculum!

Engaging online content and programmes are no longer a niche, they are a necessity.

EdScrib partners with Higher Education Institutions to help build effective online degree programmes.

By the End of 2025, the Majority of University Students
Will Be Studying Online

There is a growing demand for online degree programmes and not enough Higher Education Institutions to fill the gap. This presents a terrific opportunity to set your organisation apart from others and accelerate its growth.

Offer a More Robust Learning Experience

The online learning experience has crossed the threshold of being more robust and immersive than its traditional counterpart. This is due to advancing technology used in learning management systems and a richer learner-centered design by organisations like EdScrib.

Increase Enrollment

By offering Your Institution’s course catalog online, you are providing more options for prospective students outside of your location. The ease of accessibility and higher quality of learning are attractive and will give Your Institution an edge over the competition.

Business and Learning Continuity

The coronavirus is not only a health crisis of immense proportion—it’s also an imminent restructuring of the global economic order. As Educational Institutions are being forced to move online to survive, they also need to ensure that they are able to retain students through engaging content.

Increase Graduation Rates

Students earning their degrees online have higher graduation rates. These students are able to take courses at their own pace and in a setting that they feel most comfortable. This results in a more conducive learning experience and yields a higher quality of life and better work, academia, and life balance.

What We Offer


Update your existing format to state-of the-art contemporary formats.


Upgrade existing content and increase the shelf-life of your courses.


Recreate your course ground-up, for a completely new learning experience.


Accredit your educational and training material for strategic business development and enhanced  engagement of potential delegates.

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What Makes Us Unique

Together with you, our team of experts redefines, redesigns and
redevelops truly powerful learning experiences.


Our team specialises in refreshing, renewing and redeveloping curriculum for Higher Education Institutions.


We know that your needs, courses and learners are all unique. Our flexible approach paves the way for your customised solution.


We rejuvenate your existing curricula and combine them with the latest developments in research and powerfully engaging current-day connections.


We deploy our deep-dive process to find the root causes of the problem, define the needs and reach the solution for your curriculum needs.


We understand your time is precious and deliver the end-to-end solution according to the timeline that works for you.


We believe that quality is our clients’ highest priority. We also believe that quality education can be affordable. We balance both.

We Partner with Higher Education Institutions for a Captivating Approach to Learning

We understand universities’ needs for always keeping course content and formats updated and upgraded. Together we refresh, renew and redevelop innovative curricula, modules and courses for Higher Education Institutions.

We support you with:

  • Bachelor’s & Master’s Programmes
  • Certificate Programmes
  • Individual Courses

Translation And Cultural Alignment

We can accustom your courses, translate them, as well as align them culturally with different communities, all with the intent to captivate your learners in the most effective way.

We work with Subject Matter Experts that can work with the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • More
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

Frequently Asked Questions

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