Transparent & Simple

Curriculum design pricing has never been more straightforward. EdScrib is introducing the first fully transparent pricing plan for curriculum design and development.

Navigate to “Fixed Pricing Plans” to see our off-the-shelf curriculum solutions, or click on “Customised Pricing Plans” where you can add-on individual services on top of the package chosen.

Customised Pricing Plans

Customised Pricing Plans - Frequently
Asked Questions

All features included in the Basic package are the minimum required in order to place an order with EdScrib.

Apart from the individual services listed in our Pricing Plans, here are the key things that impact the price:

  • Whether or not we can reuse and/or repurpose any of your already-existing content.
  • Whether you would like to create a completely new curriculum that hasn’t been taught before or if you are only looking to update the current one.
  • The subject being taught, especially if the subject is a niche.
  • If your delivery time is very sort and you would like your curriculum delivered as soon as possible.

It depends on the scope of work involved. We value your time and always strive to accomodate to your timelines, keeping the turnaround time as short as possible. In our quotations and client proposals we always provide estimated timelines and stick to them throughout the duration of the project.

Together, Our Team has worked with thousands of clients worldwide and no two projects have ever been the same. We regularly provide additional services upon client request and are used to creating new solutions for our clients’ highest satisfaction. Please, get in touch with us directly to discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to explore how we can best meet your curriculum needs.

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